To schedule a service, contact Mission Electrician through the phone number (805)209-1250. Our electricians will be available 24/7 offering emergency services to our customers.

Here is a brief overview of the services that we offer.

Response to emergencies

Have you ever experienced an electrical problem over the weekend or during national holidays but because electrical services contractor shops were closed, you had to wait for days for the issue to be resolved? Well, you will no0 longer have to undergo such experiences because Mission Electrician offers rapid response to electrical emergencies. Electrical installations might sometimes experience problems and sometimes affect your livelihood. Mission Electrician offers reliable solutions in case of electrical problems. Therefore, contact us today for immediate response.

Our electricians are well equipped and shall respond on time helping you out of the issue. We are proud we offer rapid response and quick lasting solutions for all electrical emergencies. Call us today; we are prepared to assist you.

Residential and Commercial Electrician

For residential and commercial electrical needs in Norwalk, CA, contact Mission Electrician. We handle small and huge electrical installation projects. For commercial electrical solutions, we will always be prepared to assist you. Our business exists in order to make sure that yours remains functional. Therefore, do not let an electrical issue affect the normal operations of your business. at Mission Electrician, we provide reliable permanent solutions when it comes to electrical repairs and installations.

Our technicians are well trained and shall ensure that the issue is resolved to satisfaction. In addition, when you require commercial or residential electrical installation, do not hesitate to call us. Our service provider’s work around the clock and we will respond on time. Mission Electrician remains a top-rated electrical services company offering reliable solutions to all your electrical needs.

Electrical and Panel Solutions 

If you live in Norwalk California and you are looking for a reliable electrical panel solutions provider, contact Mission Electrician. We offer electrical panel installation, upgrade, and problem resolutions. At Mission Electrician, our services are fairly priced and we have years of experience providing the best solutions. We will help you perform electrical panel upgrades quickly and efficiently. In case of emergency problems on the electrical panel,  we have the right skills and tools to ensure the issue is resolved immediately. Do not let a faulty elect6rical panel affect your business operations. Contact Mission Electricians now.

Lighting Installations

Mission Electrician provides highly qualified electricians for electrical lighting solutions. With several years of experience in the electrical industry, we continue serving our customers while ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. One of the services that we offer is lighting installation. Our electricians access and advise the customer accordingly, ensuring proper lighting has been done. For internal and exterior lighting requirements, contact us. we also offer landscape lighting in Norwalk California. We do lighting installation design, cabling, and lighting fixtures. We will also advise you on appropriate lighting fixtures that will ensure energy efficiency. Contact Mission Electrician today for reliable lighting solutions.

All electrical services in Norwalk CA

Mission Electrician is your one-stop contractor for electrical installations and repairs. We handle all electrical related problems. We also help our customers make the right decisions for energy efficient electrical solutions. From electrical appliances to lighting your home and garden, contact Mission Electrician. We offer rapid response and provide our customers with the best electrical services.